Rabu, 29 September 2010

Modem Issues?

Have Time Warner Cable Internet? Did your modem suddenly stop working? Well, mine did. I woke up to see only the POWER light lit up. Boom: dead modem. CRAP! So I gave a call, talked to the help desk. He confirmed the death of the modem (actually, he laughed and said it’s “basically dead”) and he could send a tech out to take a look. I won’t even go into the ridiculous time window of 9-7. Or how when I asked to use my own Linskys modem, by providing my mac address, they said it would take “3-5 business days for the changes to take effect” (although a friend confirmed that’s bs and they’re just lazy. ).
Anyway, the tech—a totally nice guy—shows up, looks at the modem model, and laughs. He said it’s going to be a simple, quick fix. Erin and I look at one another, thinking, “yea, just replace it!” He pulls out a white box that contains a new power adapter. Plugs it in, and bam! it works! WTH?! He told us it’s a problem with these modems. TWC knows about it and has done nothing except replace the plugs. He even said that we shouldn’t be surprised if it happens again.
The model of cable modem is: SMC Networks | SMC9014WG-SI
So if you have one of these, be warned. I hope this helps someone out there in the future!

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