Kamis, 30 September 2010

How to use Modem Booster

Generally, it was the users of pathetically slow broadband internet connections that tended to resort to modem boosters. However, the latest versions of modem boosters boast of being able to speed up all internet connections including DSL, ADSL and cable. It has been claimed that the modem boosters of the recent times can boost the speeds of these connections up to 300 per cent.
It is understood that there are modem boosters that work with most of the latest interfaces including Windows 98, 2000, Me, NT 4.0 and the XP OS with minimum system requirements of a P90 processor with a RAM memory of 16MB, free disk space of 8MB and a browser such as Internet Explorer 4.0.
If the claims put forward by the sellers can be taken into account, the modem settings of the customer is adjusted by the modem booster so that the user got the maximum available performance.
In some cases, the modem booster may not load automatically. In such cases, the customer can resort to Windows’ Add/Remove programmes function to get along smoothly with the installation. The set-up system may require the modem booster to carry out around 20 tests between the user’s modem and the broadband provider serving him, which took about an hour to conclude.
At the end of the tests, the user will be left with options of letting the software tune-up the modem or doing it himself. If the user chooses to do it himself, he will need to adjust the maximum transmission unit, time to live, recieve window and cache size. At the completion of this step, the software will make the necessary adjustments and predict the average gain in the modem speed.

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