Selasa, 14 September 2010

Setup a 2Wire Wireless Modem

A 2Wire DSL modem which is also known as residential gateway is mostly used by several telephone companies to provide  Internet services to residential and small business customers. Few models helps customers to connect wireless to the Internet but sometimes it needs to be setup or installed.

1. Switch on the 2Wire modem and connect it to DSL feed provided by the telephone company. Also connect the Computer to 2Wire modem with an Ethernet patch cable and connect one end of cable to computer’s Ethernet jack and another end to ports marked Ethernet behind the modem.

2. Go to the website and select the Enter key which will direct you to modem’s administrative page. Select Home Network tab and check Status at Glance section. In the box to the right which shows Wireless should be enabled to receive modem’s wireless signal.

3. Select the Wireless Settings tab in the menu bar on page top and also check the network name in Settings section which will be the name used by the modem to identify the network.

4. Change the Wireless Channel to 2 or 10, usually the most used is Channel 6 which will interfere from nearby wireless installations.

5. Select the Enable box found next to SSID Broadcast which will make the Computer to search and find your modem. Now in the Additional Settings section below the page change the power setting to 10 which will provide the wireless signal the best possible range.

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