Sabtu, 25 September 2010

Top broadband technologies revealed

Broadband research firm Point-Topic recently released their latest World Broadband Statistics report.  This research revealed that these are currently around 500 million fixed broadband lines globally, made up of mainly DSL, cable modem and fibre connections.
The use of all three technologies continues to increase. DSL was the most common technology, used by over 320 million subscribers (over 64 per cent of the total). Cable modem was next, used by 99.9 million subscribers (20 per cent) and FTTx was used by 65.76 million subscribers (13.2 per cent).
China has the largest DSL market in the world, with over 95 million subscribers. This represents 29.7 per cent of the worldwide DSL total.
USA has the second largest DSL market worldwide, with over 31 million subscribers (9.6 per cent of the DSL total). Germany was third with over 23 million subscribers, followed by France (18 million), the UK (almost 15 million) and Italy (13.4 million).
With 46.1 million cable modem subscribers, the USA had the largest cable modem market in the world. This represented 46.1 per cent of the worldwide cable modem total.
This was followed by Canada with over 5.7 million lines (5.7 per cent of the cable modem total). South Korea was third with 5.1 million lines and Japan followed with 4.22 million lines.
After North America, Western Europe had the second largest share of the cable modem market at 18.17 per cent, or 18.16 million lines. Countries in this region with the largest cable modem markets were the UK with 3.95 million lines, Germany with 2.79 million lines and the Netherlands with 2.46 million lines.
The largest FTTx markets are in Asia, with Asia Pacific and South and East Asia controlling over 82 per cent of the FTTx market globally (65.76 million lines). China had the largest FTTx market in the world, with 25.14 million subscribers. Japan was next with 18.4 million and South Korea was third with 8.8 million.

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