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T-Mobile Mobile Broadband review

T-Mobile's 3G broadband service has stated download speeds of 4.5Mbit/s and claimed upload speeds of 2Mbit/s. Despite what the slightly confusing names for its service plans might make you think, the company offers one pay monthly plan and two pay as you go options.
The simply named Pay monthly Mobile Broadband plan comes with a free USB modem. Unlike plans from other ISPs which have a choice of contract lengths, you're stuck with an 18 month contract although the monthly fee of £15 does at least drop to £10 for the first free months. There's a 3GB monthly download limit. According to the fair usage policy if you go over it, you won't be charged any extra but T-Mobile can restrict your speeds if you regularly exceed the limit.
The Pay per day and Pay up front plans are T-Mobile's pay as you go options. Both are different from most other pay as you go plans in that there's a fixed 2GB monthly download limit. Topping up doesn't buy any additional download allowance, but simply gives you more time to use your 2GB allowance. This odd scheme is subject to the same fair usage policy as the Pay monthly plan above.
The two plans differ in how much usage time is included. The Pay per day plan has a £20 fee for the modem and comes with 30 days of usage, while the Pay up front service has a £45 fee for the USB modem and comes with 90 days of usage. Once you use up your included usage time, a day costs £2, a week costs £7 and a month costs £15.
Only 57 per cent of T-Mobile customers in our survey were satisfied with their service overall, although the other mobile ISPs have similar satisfaction rates. Although we like T-Mobile's sensible fair usage policy, the set download limits from other ISPs may be preferable and are more easily understandable, especially if you're a heavy downloader.

These results were compiled from our online survey, where users were asked to rate their broadband supplier. In the case of customer satisfaction, this is an average of whether users would recommend their supplier and if they're planning on staying with their current supplier.
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Author: Alan Lu

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