Sabtu, 25 September 2010

Telefónica becomes first operator to double wireless broadband access speed to 42 Mbps becomes first operator to double wireless broadband access speed to 42 Mbps

Telefónica, in line with its commitment to spearhead technological innovation, has become the first Spanish company to launch flat rate tariffs along with the first Dual Cell HSPA modem for browsing from a PC or laptop at speeds of up to 42 Mbps.

Major companies and businesses will be able to access this new technology from October and it will be available to private customers by the end of the year.
Telefónica, the first operator to launch HSPA+ commercially last year, is strengthening its commitment to meet its customers’ needs with this launch. It has already begun rolling out Dual Cell HSPA technology in Barcelona and Madrid, which will permit customer access speeds to be doubled to 42 MB.
"The new Dual Cell HSPA technology improves the network speed of Movistar wireless broadband, allowing users browsing with the new Novatel modem to double their current connection speed to the network’s maximum (42 Mbps with Dual Cell coverage). Customers who can currently reach speeds of up to three MB, for example, will be able to enjoy speeds of up to six MB thanks to the rollout of this new technology," Telefónica reported.
Dual Cell offers data download speeds of up to 42 Mbps, with current transmission speeds of 5.7 Mbps. Furthermore, from next year Telefónica will also begin introducing new features, handsets and devices that will initially support data transmission speeds of 11.4 Mbps.
The rollout plan for this new technology will mirror the plan for HSPA+, which started last year and will provide coverage of up to 21 Mbps in all cities with more than 250,000 habitants, tourist areas and business parks by the end of 2010. By the end of 2011 these cities will be able to enjoy access speeds of up to 42 MB.
Furthermore, Movistar is tailoring its commercial offering both to the needs of its customers and to the new speeds and offering more attractive tariffs to heavy users. The Internet Plus Flat Rate and Internet Maxi Flat Rate tariffs, developed specifically for heavy mobile broadband users, will be marketed with the Novatel Wireless MC545 modem, the first
designed for browsing at a speed of up to 42Mbps and will change their respective current maximum speeds of 7Mbps y 10Mbps to the maximum offered by the network.
The Internet Maxi Flat Rate tariff is designed for businesses that are heavy users of mobile data. The monthly fee of 49 euros includes unlimited traffic. Customers on this tariff will benefit from the improved service quality offered by the movistar network within the 10 GB download limit. Moreover, during the first three months of connection users will enjoy a 50% discount on their monthly fees and will be able to buy the modem for just 19 euros.
La Internet Plus Flat Rate tariff, which costs 39 euros per month, is aimed at business users who make intensive use of mobile data and permits data connection from a PC with unlimited traffic and a download quality which has now been increased to the maximum network speed within the 5 GB download limit.
In line with its spirit of innovation, the operator is pressing ahead with its plans to evaluate and introduce network technologies with optimum features such as Long Term Evolution.

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