Kamis, 09 September 2010

ABI Research Announces Cellular Modem Product Tracker

ABI Research has introduced the new “Cellular Modem Product Tracker,” a database that profiles hundreds of wireless modem models that are currently available.
Jeff Orr, principal analyst, ABI Research (News - Alert), said, “While the majority of subscribers connect to the mobile Internet via their smartphones, a number do so via their modem-enabled iPads, netbooks and laptops.”
PC Cards, USB modems, internal Mini-Cards and mobile hotspot routers are the varieties of form-factors in Cellular modems. The most common devices offered by the mobile network operators are USB modem dongles. Mobile broadband dongles are easy to carry and flexible to use. They enable users to maintain Internet access when they are away from home or office.
Orr said, "Mobile operators are starting to see burgeoning revenue growth in mobile broadband services. The cellular modems used to connect Internet services to mobile devices are, therefore, gaining in popularity."
The latest products like Huawei's (News - Alert) E583C show improved speed and form-factors. E583C doubles as a portable hotspot. It can provide 7.2 Mbps downstream and 5.76 Mbps upstream. Weighing just 90 grams, E583C can connect up to five devices via Wi-Fi. The products supporting HSPA+ networks can provide download speeds up to 21.1 Mbps.
Khin Sandi Lynn, research associate, said, “At present, most modems on the market support GSM, GPRS, EDGE or HSDPA network technologies, according to ABI Research's cellular modem Market Data. There is also a growing selection of wireless modems supporting 4G technologies.”
Among the new wireless modems launched this year, Sierra Wireless's (News - Alert) Aircard 250U and Franklin Wireless's U600 support 4G data access using mobile WiMAX. WiMAX modems for PCs are provided by Green Packet, Intel and Motorola.
In June, TMCnet reported the launch of Sprint 3G/4G USB 250U mobile broadband modem from Sierra Wireless.
While the competing LTE (News - Alert) air interface protocol has yet to go commercial on any scale in the world, vendors are already jockeying for position, says ABI Research. Huawei has launched E398 USB modem that is compatible with LTE, UMTS and GSM protocols.
ABI Research's new “Cellular Modem Product Tracker” feature hundreds of wireless modem models available in the market. Characters like form factors, frequency bands, access technology and regional availability of wireless modems are also documented. The folder forms part of the company's Cellular PC Modems Research Service.

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