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My life, MyFi and my deadlines

As a writer I can be caught up in all sorts of other stuff in life (read: procrastinating) when a deadline comes along. Many times I have had to carry my notebook or even my iPad as I stroll in my favorite writing places and hope that inspiration strikes me like lightning before the editor strikes me with his/her wrath. 
I have been on the search for places where I can write a story and then connect to send a story after it is done.
Most Wi-Fi places are coffee places, not the best of options. Since I have noticed that folks at Wi-Fi coffee places like to hog the best spots (those near the sockets), I am not a coffee drinker, yet most of these establishments require that I purchase at least P200 of consumables before I can use the place; and the noise can be a major, major distraction.
Mind you I have also done work in business centers at hotels where it is quiet, but the pay for the story I send and the cost of working in a hotel business center is just equal. So, what good is that?
Yes, yes, I do have broadband connection at home, but on days when a story is due, somehow it coincides with my desire to take a trip to the mall.
Ahhh, the joys and pressures of writing.
“What we want to do is to allow people to connect wherever they are,” said Dong Ronquillo, Globe head for data, broadband and landline consumer marketing. “And this is why we at Globe are always looking for innovative ways to make people make the best connections.”
First, Globe introduced its Globe Tattoo, which made connecting on the fly a synch. And now Globe comes up with another innovative device — its Globe Tattoo MyFi.
The Globe Tattoo MyFi is an all-in-one wireless modem/router that enables you to share your Internet access with up to five Wi-Fi-capable access devices as far as 100 meters away. It acts as a 3G modem — just like a Globe Tattoo USB stick, but then it shares that connection over its own Wi-Fi network.
With your MyFi, you can Web-connect all your favorite gadgets to the Internet so you can surf using your laptop, iPhone, iPad and even your iTouch.
Yes, I tried it out. I asked a few of my nephews and nieces to bring their Wi-Fi-capable devices. We made our way to a park where we sat under the trees and logged on to the Globe Tattoo MyFi.
“This is fun,” said E, my techie-loving nephew. “I can chat up a storm and not have to leave until I know all the latest.”
“I love checking on Facebook and Twitter,” added my niece C. “It’s fun not missing a beat.”
I had a story to write so I wasn’t too involved in the little joys of my pamangkins.
And because the MyFi is mobile, you’re not tied down to one location; you’re free to wander up to 100 meters away as long as there is a Globe 3G signal, and up to 30 meters when it’s unplugged (due to a built-in power save feature). Other Wi-Fi routers keep you chained to one place, denying you the mobility and functionality that are your top must-haves.
“We recognize that our customers have very full, busy lives and they need a brand that will keep up with them anytime and anywhere. With the Globe Tattoo MyFi, you get all access, on the go, just the way you like it. No one else in the country offers this kind of mobile innovation, and Globe Tattoo will continue to innovate to bring exciting new services and products to our customers,” added Ronquillo.
When it was my turn to connect, I was pleased with the speed of connection. I liked that I logged on quickly to my e-mail and sent the story 10 minutes before deadline. Saved by MyFi. Thanks to Globe.
I was also informed by Ronquillo that ongoing until Oct. 16, you can get the Globe Tattoo MyFi for just an extra P149 per month on top of your Tattoo broadband Plan 499, or as low as an additional P99 per month if you get Tattoo broadband Plan 999. This will do double-duty as both your modem and Wi-Fi router. It’s the most affordable share-able postpaid broadband service you’ll find anywhere in the country.
If you’d rather go prepaid, you can still get the MyFi for a single upfront payment of P4,000. The prepaid Globe Tattoo MyFi is easily reloadable using Autoload Max, Share-A-Load, GCASH and other Globe loading channels. Once you’ve got your MyFi, just plug it in and you can surf at speeds up to 3Mbps.
After I sent my story in, I took time to smell the flowers in the park. I also had time to take my two doggie companions for a walk.
“Let’s get a plan,” suggested E. “We can share with the cost of paying the postpaid plan and we can have good bonding time, too.”
I wondered if such a suggestion would be a good idea. Young people can have so many stories to tell just when I am in a rush to finish a story.
I did share with them that Ronquillo had told me that sharing the connection among young people was one of the ways he felt the Globe Tattoo MyFi would work.
“Just imagine, in a dorm, students could share the cost of paying for the MyFi and at the same time, they could be connected all the time, anytime,” Ronquillo added.
Not a bad idea.
With the Globe Tattoo MyFi, you’ll be ahead of the pack with the newest, hippest mobile broadband gadget only from Globe. Now you can live your fast-paced life exactly the way you want it. Now, you can easily stand out and make your mark!
Go Wi-Fi with the Globe Tattoo MyFi. For more information, call 730-1000.
Globe myfi at a glance
• Connectivity you can bring and share anywhere. It’s truly mobile.
• Use it with all of your Wi-Fi-capable devices and surf up to 3Mbps.
• Share your Internet connection with up to five users simultaneously within a 100-meter radius (*30 meters when not plugged in).
Secure, share-able Internet.
• Password-capable.
• Available only with Globe on: Postpaid — as a tack-on to Tattoo Postpaid plans (just add P250/month for two years to Plan 499 or Plan 999); Prepaid — one-time payment of P7,000.

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