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Who Makes The Best ADSL Modem Router?

’ve been in the IT industry for going on 10 years and surprisingly I’m only now realising how often certain questions come up…
It all becomes a bit of a daze after answering the same questions in and out! Any how.
I’m quite confident that not a single week has gone by where I have not been asked the following questions:
  • “What Is The Best ADSL Modem?”
  • “What Modem Is The Fastest?”
  • “What Modem Is The Most Stable?”
  • “What Brand Modem Is The Best?”
So with those three questions in mind, here are my honest & unbiased thoughts as to what modem you should spend your hard earned money on.
Warcom is in the business of selling adsl modems and networking gear, but we’re also in the business in providing our customers with modems that are fast,  reliable and won’t fall in a heap.
We have been doing this for a very long time now and the main reason we’re still here because we sell quality products.
If we sold boomerangs, ie: A modem that returned to us within a week or being purchased, we’d be out of business by now.
We’re always approached to sell the ‘mum & dad modems’ that you find in the big chain stores and in hindsight, if we sold them, Warcom would probably make a lot more money, but we don’t and that’s that!
It is worth noting, most of these companies that approach us are considered in the industry to be  ’marketing companies’ as opposed to ‘hardware companies’  …
They some how (hint: > they have big marketing budgets) convince the ‘mum & dad market’ to buy their products instead of purchasing products from the smaller players, even when the small players hardware is vastly superior in just about every aspect.
Are Mum & Dad Modems That Bad?
  • Most mum & dad modems are running two too three year old technology.
  • Most mum & dad modems don’t even have built in voip, and if you’re lucky enough to have built in wireless. It’s rubbish anyway, and doesn’t ‘play nicely’ with all your hardware.
  • Most mum & dad modems can’t even manage a few hundred connections to it (so if you plan on using torrent programs, don’t bother).
  • A massive percentage of mum & dad modems fail and fail quickly – this percentage is far higher than failure rates in modems like Draytek.
  • Most mum & dad modems don’t even have decent firewalls.
  • Mum & dad modems are sold via most of the ISP’s because they are cheap and are sold because the ISP’s get massive cash kick backs from the manufacturers. To put it simple, ISP’s just hope for the best and hope you’re modem doesn’t die. If the ISP bothered to sell you a decent modem in the first place, they wouldn’t need half of their outsourced technical support departments in Dubai. And you would have less grey hairs.
  • I could keep going – but I’m making myself depressed!
  • Incidently …. If you happen to be using a mum & dad modem and you have had no issues with your modem – please do let us know, we may consider selling them. It’s unlikely though.
Alright – So What’s The Best:
Let’s cut to the chase – Draytek ADSL Modems are without a doubt, the best, the most reliable and the most stable modems sold in Australia. I have personally lost count the amount of Draytek I have installed for clients.
They’re fantastic – you set them up, you leave them alone and they just work and they keep working for years. I’ve had a Draytek 2600VG installed at my home for going on five years now and I’ve never had an issue with it.
We have Draytek Modems installed in our Melbourne and Brisbane offices, the VPN’s are ultra reliable, the connections are stable and the speed is great.
We sell thousands of Draytek’s a year to countless Australian businesses and consumers. Chances are if you have been into a Subway or a KFC store recently, there’s a Draytek sitting behind the counter powering their Intenet needs.
  • I value my time and the color of my hair.
  • I don’t have the time to spend fiddling around with cheap, nasty, unstable hardware.
  • Wasting time fiddling with dodgy hardware costs me time, it cost’s my business money and it’s not worth the headaches.
So if you’re in the same vote as me. The choice is  simple and that choice is Draytek.

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