Kamis, 02 September 2010

Telstra launches world’s fastest national mobile broadband service

Australian communications giant Telstra has launched the world’s fastest mobile broadband service with the launch of the Telstra Ultimate USB Modem. It has been reported that Australians can now enjoy access to the world’s fastest mobile broadband services, and this comes after the recent launch of the Telstra Ultimate USB Modem, which has been launched across Australia’s capital city as well as associated airports and more than one hundred regional centres.
The new Telstra Ultimate USB Modem is up to twice as fast as the company’s existing fastest Next G modem. It will offer typical download speeds that will range from 1.1Mbps to 20Mbps depending on the area. Two thousand devices were recently launched for Telstra business customers, and this comes prior to the widespread launch of the new modem later this year.
Telstra Business Group Managing Director, Deena Shiff said: “Australians are telling us they can’t afford to be tied to the desk all day and these new speeds mean they can now access mobile broadband at speeds typically reserved for the office.”
She added: “We have been deploying the high-speed capability in the network since December 2009 and now, with the launch of the new Ultimate USB Modem, these new speeds are available to customers across all capital city CBDs and associated airports, selected metropolitan areas and in more than 100 regional locations. These high-speed zones cover approximately 50 per cent of the Australian population and match the areas of highest customer demand and will make the frustration of waiting around for files to download a thing of the past. In other metropolitan and regional areas, the Telstra Ultimate USB Modem offers typical download speeds ranging from 550kbps up to 8Mbps, which is still significantly faster than Telstra’s mobile broadband competitors.”
Source – Telstra

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