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How To Retrieve WPA Key For Wireless Router / Modem

WPA stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access, which is a standard security protocol created by the Wi-Fi Alliance to ensure that all equipment is secured wireless PC network will be connected. There isn'ta single user who uses WPA connection and do not know what he was doing. However, sometimes users forget what is the password that they need to enter in order to connect to a WPA house connections, called kunci WPA password and this guide has been created for users who forget their password or they just do not know where to find it and because that they can not connect to the internet. So, if you want to retrieve the WPA key on your computer, then you must follow the instructions below:

STEP 1. Open a Web Browser To Access The Wireless Router / Modem

To retrieve a WPA key we need to start a web browser. You can do it by double-clicking a browser’s shortcut icon or you can run it from the start menu, where you need to go to ‘Run’ and type in ‘iexplore’ for Internet Explorer or ‘firefox’ for Mozilla Firefox users.
Now you need to type in the following line in the browser’s address bar : or if you own a Belkin router you need to use and hit the ‘ENTER’ keyboard key. The address you just entered is the one of the wireless router or modem.

STEP 2. Log Into The Wireless Router / Modem

Now we need to get into the Wireless’s settings menu. To do this , you need to enter the username and password in their respective boxes. In the Username box, you need to enter ‘admin’ without the quotes and in the password box you need to type ‘password’ without the quotes or just leave the box empty and press ENTER on your keyboard.
If you entered the correct password, then you will be taken directly to the Settings menu. If the password was incorrect then you need to reset the router / modem or you need to find the password in the manual. See below how to reset your wireless router or modem :
  • if you want to reset a Linksys or a Belkin modem / router, then you need to look for the small hole, that should be on the back of the router, and insert a very thin pin in it for the inside button to be pressed in order to reset the device. You need to keep the button pressed for 30seconds and the modem/router will be reseted to its default settings and it will be restarted automatically.
After you reset the wireless router/ modem you need to access the Settings menu once again. See above how to do it.

STEP 3. Retrieve the WPA key

Now that you’re in the Settings menu, you need to search for the Wireless option and click it. Find and click on ‘Advanced Security’ or ‘Security’ option. In the ‘Security’ you need to open the ‘Network Authetication’ menu, where you can find various options such as WEP, WPA, WPA2, shared, open, etc. Select WPA or WPA2 and so you will be able to find the WPA key and when you are asked to enter it, just to do it.
If you restored the factory settings of your wireless router / modem, then you won’t retrieve any WPA key , which that you need to assign one yourself. Choose any WPA authentication and enter a WPA key. Please note that the WPA key needs to have minimum 8 characters and maximum 63 characters . The 8 characters WPA key sets a minimal security, but if you use a 63 character WPA key then you’re wireless router / modem will have the security level set to maximum.
After you assign a WPA key, you need to Apply the changes and reboot your wireless router / modem. This is all you need to do in order to retrieve a WPA key for your wireless router or modem, depending on what you want to use to create a wireless home network.
Belkin Router
Belkin Router

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