Sabtu, 04 September 2010

Don’t Buy a Vodafone USB Modem

The Vodafone USB Modem is growing in popularity amongst South African Internet users but don’t buy a Vodafone USB Modem from the many resellers out there. The prices that these resellers are selling these modems for are inexcusable. I have seen companies pricing these USB modems for well over R1000.00, which is daylight robbery in my opinion. I have a summary of the cheapest modems available at the bottom of this page.
Don’t get me wrong, the Vodafone USB Modem’s are efficient pieces of technology. I personally use a Vodafone USB Modem 7.2 mbps Hsdpa device, and the speeds I get are more than suitable to my needs. I am able to watch youtube videos without any sort of delay most of the time, but there are certain videos that take a bit of time to load before I can view them from start to finish. But even the load times are super quick.
The best advantage I have found is that I am not tied down to any contract with the Vodafone USB Modem. All I do is buy a data package via vodacom, and load it onto a separate sim card that I own and I’m then able to get on the net when it suits me, and at a cost that is in line with my monthly budget. Many of the Vodacom USB Modem’s available are unlocked, this enables a user to use any sim card (Vodacom, MTN, or Cell C) to get onto the net.
The Vodacom Usb Modem Stick also allows for the flexibility of connecting to the internet anywhere in the country. If you have a laptop, the USB modem offers many advantages to you. But it works just as well on any home PC.
Vodacom USB Modem Price:
When I bought my modem which was about a year ago I paid R800 for it. At that time the model that I bought was fairly new, but now you can get the same modem that I have for under R600 (Depending where you purchase it from). There are other models like the 3.6 mbps that offer average internet speeds, but it still does the job. But I will recommend the 7.2 Mbps as I have used this model and I’m loving it.
The best Vodacom USB Modem Prices that I have found have all come from BidorBuy. Below you will find a banner that will direct you to the BidorBuy website.  If you have never bought from BidorBuy I can assure you it is one of the safest online Market Places you will find. Jjust click on the banner below and you will be directed to the BidorBuy website, where you can register and make a purchase. If you have any questions ask the seller on the BidorBuy website and they will reply to your questions.

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