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Review: USB 3G Modem - XSPlug P3 14

Mobile internet needs began to increase rapidly in our country's presence was greeted with a variety of products GPRS1 Modem Modem & 3G2/3.5G on the market. With average prices ranging from 500ribu - 1.5 million allows us to freely choose which products are in accordance with our needs.

This time I bought one of products named USB 3G Modem XSPlug ® P3 with nett price Rp 800.000, -. This modem comes with unlocked condition, means can be used for all operators GSM [Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) is a mobile communications technology that is digital.].

4G systems XSPlug ® P3 supports up to 1.8 Mbps downlink with HSDPA. Specification details XSPlug ® P3 can be seen on the official website: P3 ® XSPlug Specs. But there is little difference on the shape and dimensions after my own standards, namely: 112mm (D) x 80mm (L) x 15mm (T).

I had tried it with several operators such as Telkomsel, IndosatM2 and Indosat3G Matrix. The connection speed varies depending on the package selected internet customers. Special about wearing Indosat3G experience can be read in other articles okecoy Review: Internet Cheap package from ECO Indosat3G unlimited 100rb/bulan

More about modem XSPlug ® P3, in the package are:

1. A Modem
2. A USB cable
3. A sheet of the installation guide in Indonesian

There is no CD driver ... lho?? Since the installation of drivers already in the modem. This modem has an internal memory storage of 16 MB. So when first paired with the computer, OS Windows / Mac OS will detect this memory storage, the next modem will be detected and the drivers and their web'n'walk Manager program automatically installed from the memory storage.

Better backup modem drivers into Disk / CD to prevent loss of data.

The steps to start the Internet with XSPlug ® P3:

1. Make sure the drivers are installed.
2. Connect your GSM SIM card into the modem.
  1. XSPlug P3
  2. Turn on the power button on the modem (modem body will blinking light until he found one tersedian networking and writing a glowing pink network (UMTS3/HSDPA4 or GPRS/EDGE5)).

    XSPlug P3
  3. Web'n'walk Manager application will automatically open, if not automatically open, then you can open it from:
    Start Menu> T-Mobile> web'n'walk Manager.
    wnw Manager
4. First time web'n'walk Manager application running on the computer we are asked to fill "unlock code" which is usually written on the back of the modem.
5.Then setting the internet connection via the menu:
Options> Connection Settings> Access Point
In it you are asked to fill APN, Username, Password, select PAP or CHAP mode (the default is selected), and the option Use automatic control-settings (default is checked).
6.Click Connect on the application. Wait a moment until kokeksi internet connected.

  1. wnw Manager
2. Open the browser and please browse the internet.

When the "Disconnect" button and the program is closed, the application will try to turn off the modem automatically (though sometimes fail to turn off the modem). Easy enough to operate very useful for users.

Beautiful shape with color matching fluorescent pink and white and is more suitable for women. Reportedly there are also black but when our messages are available modem white only. Ga problems, the most important functionality!


* Prices are economical.
* Operation is easy.


* The form rather large is not practical to carry around a USB 3G modem considering options now the size of the flash.
* Sometimes the modem fails to turn off when disconnected from the application, to the pull cable and plug in again USBnya.
* Body heat slightly lower after long use.


3G modem with a fairly economical price is very suitable for those who want mobile Internet solutions. Attach directly to your laptop or computer. Make sure you get a signal GPRS/3G ... and start surfing ...!

Total Value:
Enough (3 / 5)

Price estimates:
Rp 800.000, --

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