Minggu, 27 September 2009

function! selrat in modem

when fatigue should go back and forth, GPRS and UMTS on ubuntu w * nd * w $, finally met one AT on AirCard USB modems can adjust settings for the modem. can be used with minicom or by putting on the wvdial.conf initstring or on GnomePPP.

command by entering "AT! SELRAT = XX". value added is: 00 = automatic; 01 = 3G only; 02 = 2G only; 03 = 3G Preferred; 04 = 2G Preferred. to check the status can use the command "AT! SELRAT?".

there are many other commands that can be used to textline command when using phone-modem. but still must continue to be explored to find these things useful.

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