Jumat, 25 September 2009

Conflict in Sierra Modem Install Windows XP

Conflict or call clashed not only occur between human beings but can also occur between ports on your notebook without knowing each other compromise, such as a USB port to port or Bluetooth wireless when you install the modem sierra normally be a problem if there is a wireless port or bloutooth active.

And also many examples of problematic cases are reported when installing the modem sierra in some brands such as Sony Vaio notebook and Acer.

So before you install the usb modem sierra tsb port must first get rid ... aka disable, but ... if you've already installed the modem sierra in your notebook and the modem they will not work then the solution is you should follow the steps below;

1. Right-click My Computer

2.Pilih Properties

3.Pilih Hardware

4.Pilih Device Manager

Klick 5.Double Ports (COM & LPT)

Right BT 6.Klick Port Device

7.Klick Disable (recommended) or Uninstall

Device manager and 8.Tutup Ok

Restart Install Your computer and your birthday Modem Sierra.


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