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Less Stable Internet connection? In the 'Ping' course

Make friends who use the internet connection with phone modem, usb modem, or other modem would not often have connections that 'stagnant' or idle (the connection is still disconnected, but now want to browse there is no response from the targeted web), let alone we do not reply conduct any activity within a certain time.

If you already like this, the easiest solution is to turn off the connection (disconnect) and re-establish a connection (redial), then we can browsingnya smoothly again, but this certainly is not effective, because we'll often do redial if we are dealing with an unstable connection or we often let the internet connection running without doing any activity (usually marked with the network connection icon in the system tray is not active or both active only one course).

Here is a simple internet trick that can help resolve or at least reduce the problems mentioned above. I mean trick here is that we do Ping to a specific server so the connection is still running even though we do not do internet activity (downloading or uploading) any.

Ping itself is an acronym for Packet Internet Groper, which is the application to test connectivity on a network by sending data packets to the destination server, the data sent is seen how many packets are sent back in response from the destination server, how many packets are lost (lost). The smaller the lost data means better connections.

Ping function is, in addition to test connectivity, can also be used to maintain the Internet connection can run more stable. Given how Pinging is sending data back and wait for the data makes the process of internet connections continue to run even though we are not doing any activity (can be seen the comparison on the network connection icon in system tray which continued to be active).

To run the Ping function is actually quite easy, we can do by opening the command prompt via Start then select Run. Type cmd and then select Ok.

Next on our panel command prompt type ping command, namely:

ping www.nama web.com (data will be sent 3 times only, after it emerged the tests)

From the picture above can be seen that the data packet is sent (Sent) 3, and again (Received) 2, means that there is no data lost (Lost) 3.

But if we want to test continuously, the ping command of his plus-t:

web.com www.nama ping-t

Here is a web name can free any web address, but it is advisable to choose a web that has a stable server (for example yahoo), or it could be another server that happened to us the access (for example we're opening for Facebook, then we ping the www . facebook.com-t).

To this end the ping command you can press CTRL + C (press the Ctrl key and the letter C)

As I've mentioned above, we can see the comparison between our doing or not Ping on the connection icon in the System tray (bottom right corner of the monitor), if we do Ping the second image is a computer icon will continue to burn, otherwise if we do not do Ping, then the computer icon image is going to die both or only one alternate fire.

By doing this Ping, is expected to connect to the Internet we can walk relatively more stable than ever before. Ping function is also applied to the Internet Speed Booster software.

Thus this brief information may be useful.


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