Minggu, 27 September 2009

Modem Internet LTE Tested First Try

Technology Long Term Evolution (LTE) was already prepared to be used commercially for end users. One of the players, Alcatel, even introduced and tested its first Internet-capable modem LTE.

Nokia Internet Modem is RD-3, the product name, claimed to be used in the LTE technology that was developed various network vendors and telecom operators.

According Menp Jani, Project Manager of LTE / SAE Interoperability & Trials Nokia, it has a commitment to support industry activities in preparation for LTE technology to be released commercially in 2010.

Nokia itself, as reported by Cellular News, a founder member of the LTE / SAE Trial Initiative (LSTI). Their mission is to conduct interoperability testing to a number of network vendors, in collaboration with equipment manufacturers, and ready to support operators in their LTE development activities.

In addition, the Nokia Internet Modem RD-3 is claimed is support with GSM / EDGE, WCDMA / HSPA, LTE and various frequencies.

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