Minggu, 27 September 2009

Hp Im3 Groovy, Can for 3G Modem and "Migers" really

Indosat with its Im3 did not seem to play games to maintain the loyalty of their market that is young. A lot better than advertising, features, and services that are inclined to continue to embrace the younger generation. And one of the newest ways by indosat to keep their markets by selling tesebut are some phones are very comfortable to use on-line or surf.

One phone that is appealing to me this is a phone that Huawei dibundle by m3 with some dynamic features typical youthful. Well ... this application has been equipped with facebook application, opera mini, mig33, and i-go. You yourself would have guessed it? about what to segment applications.

In addition to the above failitas the most attractive course of this phone is a fairly cheap price and already supports 3g. Besides, had come equipped with free internet for 1800 minutes.

Now that these details are excellent features provided by the mobile phone.

1. HP + Modem 3G
2. Bonus Internet IM3 1800 minutes
3. Online Application: Facebook, Opera Mini, Mig33, i-go
4. Games Real Football 2009
5. True tone Saykoji 'IM3 Online'

Here are the full specifications of the phone im3 groovy:
Frequency UMTS 2100, GSM900/1800/1900
Internal antenna
Weight <90gr
Size 106mm (L) x 45mm (W) x 11.5mm (H)
260k colors screen, 2.0 ", QVGA 320 * 240
CMOS Camera Camera2.0M +0.3 M pixels dual cameras
15mb internal memory
External memory: Up to 8GB Micro SD
Speaker 72polyphonic ring tone.
Bluetooth 2.0 A2DP
USB 2.0 ports
Battery 900 mAh Li-ion
SpeedFM high radio FM radio
Sales Package Handset, Charger, Baterry, USB

Cable, User Manual, and Headset

For you who are interested in buying the phone set up funds for Rp.950 rb. Have to be quick because usually often run out of stock.

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