Selasa, 16 Februari 2010

TiPhone E88, Qwerty Local 3-in-1

Qwerty cell phone complete with various features, are common and scattered on the market. However, for a phone that functions 3-in-1, ie, telephone, TV tuner, and a modem in one device, it is still a unique and rare in the market.

Took a giant operator Telkomsel, TiPhone back hit the market by presenting Qwerty phone-GSM dual mode GSM functional 3-in-1 is TiPhone named E88.

Still adopt the physical design and resembles the BlackBerry, TiPhone E88 has a trackball navigation with 2.2 inch LCD screen complete with a camera on the front for video call function.

"The phone capable of high-end is not yet able to video call. Platform already exists, just stay application. In the near future immediately launched, "said David Tirta Wijaya, Director of Retail Shop Telesindo, when met reporters on the sidelines TiPhone Launch E88 in Jakarta, February 10, 2010.

However, this latest TiPhone phone has TV function built-in tuner in it, so with a battery of capital alone, users can watch television anywhere without any extra cost.

In addition, it also can function as a modem-capable EDGE. Although 3G has not my level, this access was quite alone in the crucial moments if necessary. If coverage is inadequate service, users can take advantage of Wi-Fi facilities for browsing, sending e-mail, access to Facebook, Twitter, and any Internet activity.

In terms of features, can also TiPhone E88 aligned with branded phones. The reason, he claimed himself as the first local brand mobile phone equipped with PC synchronization functions using PC Suite. With this feature, the username can equalize the data on the phone with a PC via Outlook or Lotus applications.

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