Jumat, 26 Februari 2010

Pan Kilik as Modem Signal Amplifier

Modem signal is weak, of course, hinders our activities as a netter for slow Internet connection. Moreover, if the distance of our house with the BTS transmitter far enough away so consequently the captured signals at one or two bars, very annoying is not it? The period we have to bring a laptop and a modem to the transmitter tower and ngenet there? It is impossible! Well, because I also experienced similar problems I was a little-obok content mengobok Google and thankfully I got some references to improve the modem signal, which is ... Kilik Wok Antenna inspired from Wok Antenna Bolic! The antenna is made of this kitchen tool can improve signal reception, the modem up to twice as long!

Wok Kilik antenna is actually just a regular frying pan or pot on the call that is used as a container in the kitchen cooking. How it works simple, pan serves as a modem or a booster amplifier in the receive signal, well because its so merupai this dish can be called Wok Bolic (Bolic = dish / parabolic) simple, hehehe ..

wajan bolic sederhana

How to manufacture and use Kilik Wok / Wok Bolic Cafeblogger version.
The materials need to be prepared include:

1. Pan / Kuali
2. Aluminum Foil
3. Isolation / tape

First coated aluminum foil on the surface of the pan, then aluminum foil insulation is in order. Put the modem / phone you who want to use as a modem in the middle of the pan, then find the right position until you mendaptkan strong signal. For example please look at my own Kilik Wok:

wajan kilik

Kilik Wok this antenna can be placed anywhere in accordance with the needs and conditions of your room, find the most suitable position for the strongest signal, this Kilik pan can be placed outside the room like a regular dish for better signal maximum captured.

Your friends might see Kilik's Wok blogikrar as comparative material, Wok Kilik blogikrar not wearing aluminum foil, and I use aluminum foil because when trying to pan for the first Kilik does not seem to change my hape modem signals, well after I added a layer aluminum foil, then the modem signals D1200P Mobile Smart is increased! As a result of normal Internet speed lemot became fast enough, can be seen in Screenshoot download the following:

wajan kilik penguat sinyal modem

Well if there are things that are still not clear, or want to ask please comment, please feel free to ya ..

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