Selasa, 16 Februari 2010

NSN and Ericsson Reaches Record Speed Data LTE

The first data calls with the speed of 100Mbps LTE downlink data to a USB wireless modem has been reached grade 3. 100MBp number is the maximum speed for the terminal LTE (long term evolution) grade 3. This speed is a new achievement, after Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) and LG Electronics completed the full LTE interoperability testing first 2100MHz frequency band.

In this 100Mbps LTE test, a call is made with NSN LTE radio equipment. This includes Multiradio Flexi Base Station, elements Evolved Packet Core network and software in accordance with the standard USB modem pre-LTE commercial from LG Electronics (LG).

These data calls are also part of the Advanced NSN interoperability testing and Motorola in the frequency band 2100 MHz and 2600 MHz in the center of R & D LTE NSN in Oulu, Finland, and Ulm, Germany.

Terminal 3 class itself is expected to become the first commercial LTE terminal which is used widely by the end of 2010. In LTE, the user devices are grouped based on the potential speed uplink and downlink data.

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