Jumat, 26 Februari 2010

Simplified troubleshooting ADSL

Simply put there are some tricks that might be very helpful process ADSL installation & operation.

* On the phone cable to be connected to an ADSL modem, make sure the splitter has been installed.
* Put the phone in the phone cable to ADSL, listen - if there is a dial tone? If there is no dial tone is a cable problem. Make sure also that the tone of the hearing quite clearly, is the connection good enough.
* Remove the phone, connect the ADSL modem to the telephone cable. Connect the LAN cable to the computer. Input power supply to the PLN ADSL modem.
* Set the IP address for a family computer with ADSL modem, usually a family 192.168.1.x or 10.0.0.x.
* Ping ADSL modem from computer. Some of the default IP address ADSL modem is,,
* If you have an ADSL modem installation CD, run the CD & configuration using the CD will be much easier than through the Web.
* Check the status of an ADSL modem - if connected properly or not.

Which will make it a habit is called when the check status of an ADSL connection, the problem we need to check the status page which is generally an ADSL modem configuration can provide much useful information for troubleshooting. Really simple logic problems

* There is no dial tone - that the phone cable problem.
* On the status page, ADSL does not work synchronization to Telkom, there are several possibilities
o poorly telephone cable, can be checked by placing the receiver and listened for the sound connection "krosok-krosok".
o ADSL modem that is used is not good, my experience shows in many ways an ADSL modem that is used can not stand the condition of the telephone network in Indonesia.
o Telkom DSLAM at the central is not good, it rarely happens.
* On the status page, ADSL was unable to obtain IP address, there are several potential problems,
o The connection between the DSLAM in Telkom to the troubled ISP.
o Server on ISPs that are problematic.
* On the status page, ADSL does not work login / authentication to the ISP, then username / password that you use one.

By knowing the status of the condition, we can complain / problem to determine the right place. Not all problems come from Telkom. My experience has been that often the problem actually comes from an ADSL modem is not good.

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