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Take advantage of Satellites for Emergency

When the damaged infrastructure in the earth and difficult to use, satellite technology could be a potential alternative for optimized, especially for emergencies like natural disasters.

some time ago when an earthquake in Haiti. In addition to swallowing a lot of casualties, the disaster also resulted in some damaged communications infrastructure. Damage to infrastructure affects the difficulty of making a call at the disaster site. Yet when such calls are necessary to preach the situation.

Fortunately, the above difficulties can be over with the presence of technology 10 Kilo Phone GSM Network. 10 Kilo Phone GSM Network is a tool developed by researchers in Europe are united in WISECOM (Wireless Infrastructure over Satellite Structure for Emergency Communication). This device enables rescue workers set up a network for voice and data by utilizing satellite. With notes, created a network can only survive for a while.

How it works is that the device connected to the satellite first, then connected with a network of mobile and fixed telephones. WISECOM presents two devices with similar functions, but using two different satellite technology. That technology Inmarsat BGAN and DVB-RCS. Devices that work with BGAN is small and weighs 10 kg. While using DVB RCS technology weighs 60 kg. Both are integrated with GSM networks and also has Wi-Fi connection.

BGAN version integrates a GSM picocell, which is a small part of the elements of BSS (base station subsystem) that GSM phones can be connected to the public via the Internet, with a picocell up to a radius of 300 meters can be covered for mobile communications. Meanwhile, the device with DVB-RCS is integrated with GSM microcells, which have a scope and a wider bandwidth than the version of BGAN. "System devices that we developed to work in places that have tercover by satellite, that means almost everywhere in the world can use this tool" says Matteo Beriloli, coordinator of the reports from the WISECOM

In order for the performance of these devices get more leverage, helped create the software WISECOM LBS (Location Base Services). This software works for the trail when rescue workers helping victims of disaster. "That means more lives are saved when in a state of disaster" Beriloli said.

DVB-RCS (Return Channel via Satellite) is a format of digital broadcast made in 1999 and dikomersilkan in 2003. On the RCS system provides two-way broadband access, from and to fixed and semi-fix. RCS can overcome the problem of urban connections, when the satellites take precedence over the cable.

BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) is a form of internet and satellite phone developed by Inmarsat. Inmarsat BGAN positioned as an alternative to jarigan GPRS and other mobile, BGAN can also function as a network operator could not function.

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