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How To Set Up A Wireless Network Using Satellite Internet Service

If you live in the rural U.S. and can't get high speed Internet access, satellite Internet service will provide you the best option to surf the net at broadband speeds. In addition to being able to get broadband speeds, you are not just limited to one coax cable connecting one computer. You have the ability to go wireless. You can network your home or office computers easier, and you can use the Internet on several computers at the same time.

The first step to establishing your wireless network is to choose a reliable satellite Internet service provider. Two-way satellite Internet service offers you the most efficient service. The three best companies satellite internet access companies are Starband, Hughesnet and my favorite Wildblue. There are a couple of one-way service providers but I would stay away from them. Unless you want to tie up you phone line and want other headaches!

After you have selected a satellite Internet service provider you will want to go out a purchase the necessary equipment to go wireless. If you don't have a computer that has an internal wireless networking card already built in then, you will want to either buy one that does, or you will want to buy a wireless network adapter. After you have established the network card you will need a wireless router. I would stick with the known brands such as linksys, Netgear or D-link. These three brands are dependable and easy to set up.

After your satellite Internet service has been installed you will be ready to connect your wireless network. Start by connecting your satellite Internet modem to the router. The router will then send signals to your computer via infrared signals. Configure your router following the instructions that came with your router.

If you are using a wireless network adapter you will want to plug this into a USB port in your computer. If your computer came with an internal wireless card you should receive the signal through the card. If you purchased your router before installation, most installers will assist you in setting up your router. If not, just follow the instructions per the router manual. It's pretty simple!

There is one thing to keep in mind. When two or more people are using the Internet at one time, the Internet connection speed is shared. So if you subscribe to a service using 512k speeds, you both could be splitting the speed. With this in mind be selective when choosing your satellite Internet Service plans. You will all then be happier with your satellite Internet service in the end.

Setting up a wireless system with your satellite Internet service will provide you with the speed that you have been lacking with the flexibility to share the connection with family or co-workers. It offers a great combination!

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