Sabtu, 27 Februari 2010

How to Use Blackberry as a Modem

Did you ever imagine that your blackberry can be used as a modem too. Yes, thanks to berry4all, a free, open-source software for using your Blackberry on alternative OS’es (Linux, OSX)It has been tested on Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora) and OS X (Tiger (PPC & x86), Leopard) and is found to be good. Let's see and learn how to use your blackberry as a modem in Linux and OSX.



This script requires python, pppd, libusb and the python usb(pyusb) module installed:

sudo apt-get install python libusb-dev ppp python-usb

or if you have an rpm system:

yum install python libusb-dev ppp pyusb

If you want to use the GUI, you will also need wxpython

sudo apt-get install python-wxgtk2.8


if you are a Mac, you better find the installation procedure from here

Download berry4all

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