Sabtu, 06 Februari 2010

Increase Internet Connection Speed with DnsSpeeder

Here is information about tricks internet connection, namely how to increase your Internet connection speed with free software freeware alias. Freeware that I will inform here is DnsSpeeder.

Use of this DnsSpeeder itself is easy, because we do not need to do anything, simply by running the software just DnsSpeeder. The workings of this DnsSpeeder itself is a DNS proxy that will read the ip address of the domain which we are open on the browser and adjust the cache is in our computer. If the computer does not have the cache, then the ip address of the domain name will be sent to some of the existing DNS server, then the result is sent back to our computer (client). Thus, when we opened a web page that the process becomes faster.

Of some DNS servers that already exist, we can add another control by pressing the insert icon, and then we enter the control we want, such as control of the OpenDNS ( and

To run direct DnsSpeeder entering Windows, we just make sure check the signs Start at login, and to hide the panel we just tick DnsSpeeder Hide this sign when the dialog starts.

Thus brief information about this DnsSpeeder, may be useful.

DnsSpeeder can be downloaded from Software Downloads and Freeware.

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