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Modem device and see the connection of the indicator lights

Many types of ADSL modem like the kind of speed, combined type router into the modem, integrated wireless, USB and Ethernet are united by a modem and so on.

ADSL modem has been developed by the placement of additional devices. You can use an ADSL modem to 1 computer and 4 are connected by an ethernet LAN. Or you can use an ADSL modem with ethernet and USB output only when only requires 2 connections to the PC.

So many modem provided would facilitate the user. But if you only need a simple modem connection can select the type of modem with an ethernet connection and USB ports are determined enough. Certainly more and more needs and wants you to use the type of device to an ADSL modem, the more expensive price of the modem.

But some features that need attention. Because Indonesia is slightly different in the way of calculation than other countries that have more established organized internet connection with an ADSL modem. There is good use of modems with the automatic connection feature on and off. ADSL modem with these features will save the cost of your connections, especially in Indonesia is still in use calculation of the amount of time or the bandwidth used. If you use the service without limit, the type of ADSL modem on and off is not really necessary.

Image below is the most expensive modem offered by Telkom Rp.350.000 price or slightly more expensive than the USB modem dial-up. The price is very reasonable if you want a simple ADSL modem. Only available USB port and Ethernet. If you need additional computer connections to more than two pieces, then the solution to this cheap modem can be added with an ethernet hub to share the connection to other PCs.

A little advice for choosing the DSL modem, you should ask also to other colleagues who are using ADSL connection. We got a lot of different information on the quality of the modem, and DSL modem capability is only distinguished from the additional features owned. Most important is the resilience of the DSL modem. If you use the connection without limits, endurance modem becomes the most important part. Your DSL modem at least not too often hangs due to work too long or become hot.

More and more features in the modem will make the modem gets hot because of the additional chip board inside the modem, but meets the integrity of the connection types such as WiFi, Ethernet and USB hub. Using a DSL modem with a simple feature will limit the ability of the DSL modem itself, especially if you want to add connections to another computer. So adjust the needs and desires that you need.

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