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Help to Install an AT&T DSL Motorola Modem

AT&T provides its DSL customers with a Motorola 2210 DSL modem, specially configured for use with its networks. These modems are designed for ease of installation. All you need to do to get the device operating is run an installation program, connect a few cables and configure the modem for use with your network.


  1. Before you begin, you should spend some time figuring out how you wish to integrate your DSL modem into your home network. If you only have one computer, this may not be much of an issue. However, multiple computers will require use of a networking hub and enough Ethernet cabling to reach all of your devices. Alternatively, you can attach a wireless router to your modem and connect your computers that way. Determining the approach that will work best for you depends on the location of the various computers and how many walls stand between them and the modem.

    Once you've planned out your network, the next step in the installation process will depend on the type of your computer you are using. If your computer runs Windows, insert the installation CD that came packaged with your modem. An installer application will launch automatically (if, for some reason, it does not, you can browse the CD's contents and launch the installer manually). Follow the onscreen instructions and the installer will guide you through the process of connecting your modem to the DSL line and network cable. If you are using a Macintosh, you will have no such installer to help guide you. Instead, make the various cable connections in this order: power supply to power jack, DSL cable to DSL port (the one furthest left) and Ethernet cable to Ethernet port. The various cables have unique connectors, which will aid you in determining which port to use.
  2. Connecting

  3. Once you have your modem connected, launch your computer's web browser and navigate to the following address: This will open the modem's web-based configuration screen. As it's your first time using the modem, you will be prompted to select a password for future use. Enter your login info when prompted (leave the user name as "admin") and click on the button labeled "Connect." At this point, the modem should be ready for use. However, your ISP may provide their own set of configurations for you to input into your operating system's "Network" settings (usually found in a section of the operating system labeled "System Preferences" or "Control Panels").

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