Selasa, 16 Februari 2010

Samsung Netbook World's First LTE

Thanks to technology, these last few years our world has changed dramatically. Some time ago, huge notebook with berfisik become something common. But netbook is now sought by many people. But the netbooks could become the world's first laptop to be integrated with LTE?

Samsung presented the answer to the Mobile World Congress in Spain. Korean companies are not only showing off smart phone, but it is also demonstrating the world's first netbook, the LTE-enabled. N150 is fitted with a modem chipset LTE Kalmia Samsung's own. And also can be fitted to the 3D feature can switch between networks. In addition to the new connection option, the device remains a N150 netbook, with a 10.1 screen, Atom processor, RAM 1 or 2 GB, and completeness of the netbook general.

Samsung has not announced when they will launch its LTE netbook that. Just mention that the N150 will be launched when there is market demand, which translates as "where LTE is installed."

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