Minggu, 07 Maret 2010

Simple setup to prepare your own radio modem

Eric Seifert worked on the idea of using an “iPod” FM Transmitter and a standard radio receiver with a headphone jack to create a radio modem. The results were positive. Therefore, he put this information open for anyone who enjoys DIYs. Some examples encoding and decoding software are available on his site to help you.

First requirement, a Linux box with the ALSA and SDL libraries. He used a standard PC sound card, an iPod FM transmitter, and an FM radio to construct a radio modem at home. FM transmitter is linked to the sound card that outputs amplitude encoded data. The FM radio receiver takes care of the transmission and transfers it to soundcard’s line-in for further decoding.

You need not worry about the complexity of the procedure as the hardware set up is simpler than it appears. Don’t miss this opportunity to acquaint yourself with more circuits while having fun in your spare time.

Via: Hackszine

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