Jumat, 26 Maret 2010

Internet connection with Nokia OVI Suite

This paper continuation of the previous writings of Knowing Nokia OVI Suite. To writing this time I want to inform Nokia OVI Suite functions in terms of internet connections. Just as Nokia PC Suite is a One Touch Access to connect to the internet via a Nokia mobile phone modem, the Nokia OVI Suite also has this feature (in the example I use the Nokia E61). There are no specific names such as One Touch Access in the Nokia PC Suite, otherwise this feature can be accessed directly by clicking Connect on the Nokia OVI Suite panel (right).

Another way to access and make it their own connection settings can also be done also through the Tools menu and then select Connect to the Internet.

Next we will be given a choice how we will make connections, whether automatic setting based on the service provided, or manually by setting the parameters manually fill. Here I select the settings manually, since I use Flash card APN Unlimited with different parameters with basic Flash.

At this point setting process is complete (according to my reply relatively simpler than using the One Touch Access of Nokia PC Suite) and we can activate the connection by clicking Connect.

Internet connection is currently active can we see the main panel Nokia OVI Suite (on the right), and from here also we can cut the Internet connection by clicking Disconnect.

Temen-temen so brief information about the function of the Internet connection on the Nokia OVI Suite, good luck.

To download Nokia PC Suite can be seen in Freeware and Software Download.

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