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Maximizing the Internet connection with Internet Cell Boost Lite

Has a maximum speed internet connection I now?

The question must have crossed our minds, let alone make temen-temen who use their own modem at home, be it usb modem, phone modem, or other modem. Of course we hope for is a fast connection, so at least the maximum speed that can be obtained through the ISP that we choose, to live how the ability and honesty of the ISPs are providing services. But here I am not going to discuss things that are beyond our reach as a user, we can do is try to maximize what's there from our own side, be it hardware or software side (like Internet Speed Booster, TCPSpeed, TCP / IP Optimizer, FullSpeed, SpeedConnect).

Related to maximizing the internet connection, here I am to inform you of a software that supposedly (information from the developers) can increase the speed of our internet connection, namely the Internet Cell Boost Lite (last version is version 2.0.1). Internet Cell Boost Lite Reohix developed by Ltd., And is a free version of HIGHSPEED Surfer.

Internet Cell Boost Lite offers a wide selection of internet connection that can be maximized from a cable modem (DSL), wireless connection (wireless), dial-up modem, satellite connection, fiber optic connections, and a closed network (office, campus, wifi). From each of these categories is broken down again in it based on speed or connection type. But since this version is a free version, of course, not all the existing facilities could be used, to be able to use all the features we have to upgrade to the extended version (HIGHSPEED Surfer).

Use of this software is easy enough, we just choose the connection type that we use, and select Apply My Custom Optimizations, will direct the optimization process will be run. Results of optimization with Internet Cell Boost Lite can we see the Optimized Internet information at: (in the upper right corner), the percentage figures show the percentage of optimization that can be done (compared with before we make the optimization process.

I myself tried to optimize the internet connection I'm using (Smart card with a modem Haier C700). The result can be seen from the results of tests by, the download speed to no change (130 Kbps), while there was an increase in upload speeds from 20 Kbps (before I run Internet Cell Boost Lite) to 80 Kbps. When I do this test, the signal I get 4 bars (out of 5 bars maximum).

Sebelum Internet Cell Boost Lite Setelah Internet Cell Boost Lite

Well, how? Interested to try the Internet Cell Boost Lite, please see the Software Downloads, Freeware, or here.

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