Rabu, 10 Maret 2010

Belkin N1 Vision Wireless N Router F5D8232-4 Interface Menu

By simply pushing down on left or right arrow keys on the front of the router, you can scroll through several screens that will show you your download and upload connection speeds, total number of PC's connected, total speed of each PC currently connected, and how much bandwidth each PC has consumed in addition to a special guest access feature.


The guest access feature is truly unique and can be quite beneficial to have. This allows you to create sort of a sub network so that you can have people access your Internet connection but not be able to see or access any of your other computers on your network. Your guests would have a separate username and password from yours to ensure security of your network. You can change the username and password yourself or have it auto generate one for you.


Another useful feature that is easily accessed through the LCD screen is the WPS feature (Wireless Protected Setup) or aka Push Button Security. It's a new easy to use security method that is compatible with many new Belkin wireless adapters and some new Wi-Fi phones and cameras. You push a button on the router and another on your device (or it's software) and the two become linked up.


The menu also allows you to have the router enter a powersave mode which essentially powers off the LCD screen. The screen itself is not too bright as to offend anyone even in full darkness so I'm not completely sure how useful this feature may be other than saving a few watts of power.


The first four images on this page are taken directly from Belkin and I wanted to include an image of my own so that you can see the differences between how they portray it versus how it really looks. As you can see, the edges of the fonts and graphics are not quite as refined as their images would have you believe. The backlighting is also much bluer than those images.

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