Rabu, 10 Maret 2010

Belkin N1 Vision Wireless N Router F5D8232-4 Setup

I remember from years ago how painful it was to setup and configure routers. It's definitely a lot easier and consumer friendly now. The whole setup process could not be easier. For example, Belkin has eliminated the need to enter the IP address of the router in the web browser address bar. Instead all you need to do is type "routersetup" in the address bar and off you go. If you can't remember IP addresses (or even misplaced the setup CD) then this is certainly much easier. Here are a couple of screen shots of the manual installation screens to illustrate the settings you can change.


When you first run the setup you're offered one of two installation types, automatic or manual. If you're replacing an existing router or you want to specify domain names and encryption types then the manual install is definitely what you want but if you're uncomfortable with tweaking these settings or just want a quick and easy install then the auto install requires no input from you at all. It's that easy.


Once the setup is complete you're up and running. Now the fun begins with exploring all of it's various features on it's LCD display.


The Belkin N1 Vision router's most obvious feature is it's bright LCD screen which contains a host of (somewhat) useful information.

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