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Modem connections 3G CDMA SpeedUp SU-6200U on LinuxMint

Sharing the experience by: AndyMSE

Some time ago I got a gift card package from MURSID IndosatM2 Truff, a blogger River. The card is a card prepaid CDMA internet connection. Since MURSID also get them as a gift, but do not have a CDMA device, rather than not utilized handed to me. Of course I was thrilled. I imagine, could make the internet connection quite smoothly through hape Nokia 6225 owned by Mrs Noor using DKU-5 cable, or using CDMA Modem Speed @ Up 3G SU-6200U is available to me, from Mrs. Upik bekasan now no longer used because broken antennae.

The problem is ... Hape Mrs. Noor of course I can not use all the time, whereas CDMA Modem Speed @ Up 3G SU-6200U is no driver for the CD driver somehow lost luggage anywhere.

Well, last night 20/08/2009, I tried to use CDMA Modem Speed @ Up 3G SU-6200U on Linux Mint to make an internet connection.

When the modem plug into the USB and open the terminal to type ~ $ lsusb was detected as a modem Huawei Technologies Co.., Ltd.. E620 USB Modem .. ▼ (woot)

mendeteksi dengan lsusb

Soon done WvDial settings by typing ~ $ sudo gedit / etc / wvdial.conf and make "Dialer" just-in sample-truff name. To be honest, I do not know all the meaning of the codes because only duplicate of the "Dialer" that already exists and change a little. I know only AT + CRM = 1 is extra settings commonly used for CDMA modem connection, modem type is clear, Baud to include maximum speed, modem is showing the location of the modem, and the most important is the Phone = # 777, then your username and password . ▼


Once completed, the configuration is saved and closed to return to the terminal. To do konksi Internet, simply by calling Dialer by typing ~ $ sudo wvdial truff and after waiting a while, tersambunglah to the Internet. ▼

sudo wvdial truff

To end the connection, press Ctrl + C ...

Prior to surf anywhere, because the card was new Truff, activation of which must be done specifically for this activation is the username used IndosatM2 @ IndosatM2 with prepaid password. After activation is complete, immediately disconnect and reconnect with your username and new password is registered. (banana_cool)

When I would finish the session-roaring surf, accidentally to click the network icon in the panel ... connection Bhadala ... (bigeyes) Apparently I have done step-sudoan sudo confusing but has provided an easier step. There is "Auto Mobile Broadband (CDMA) connection" in there. ▼


Simply disconnect you to actually surf session fun to try different ways connections.

Right-click the network connection icon in the panel> Edit Connections> Mobile Broadband> click Auto Mobile Broadband (CDMA) connection> click Edit. ▼


Here only need to enter the dialing number is # 777, username and password. ▼


Close by click Apply and then click the network connection icon in the panel> click Auto Mobile Broadband (CDMA) connection and wait a few seconds. ▼


Naaaaaaaaaaaa .... have you connect Konak? (banana_rock)

To end the connection, click the network connection icon in the panel> click disconnect under Auto Mobile Broadband (CDMA) connection.

Oh yes, CDMA Modem Speed @ Up 3G SU-6200U is shaped like this. Broken antenna has been replaced with insulated wire with a diameter and a certain length (the green lho!). ▼


As a technology, compared with GSM, CDMA was not to be one eye. Bad connection speed, and more stable than the GSM. Unfortunately, as a modem, Speed @ Up 3G SU-6200U is rather hot if used for too long ... In the past, had several times the heat from damaging the modem is RUIM is used, even curved. ▼


Amazingly, more than 4 hours I use for various purposes normal surf as I normally do, CDMA Modem Speed @ Up 3G SU-6200U is only normal to warm the Linux Mint ...

(panic) there lest penunggunya ... (ninja)

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