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iDirect NetModem II Plus Superior Satellite Internet

Superior Satellite Internet Technology is Built In

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Netmodem II+ front and back panel

The iDirect NetModem II Plus Broadband Router is a compact, set-top terminal that routes IP traffic over satellite networks. This highly advanced Enterprise Class solution integrates all the hardware and software needed to deliver bidirectional broadband connectivity, easily and efficiently, while enabling the highest data rates available in the industry today with throughput speeds of up to 9.1 Mbps. Better still, the NetModem II Plus is highly scalable for both inbound and outbound data rates, which allows users to easily accommodate current and future bandwidth requirements.

In addition to industry-leading technologies including TDMA, Turbo Product Code, and TCP Acceleration, the NetModem II Plus offers unique capabilities that optimize IP application performance through highly efficient bandwidth usage, greater flexibility, and enhanced reliability.

iDirect Technologies' unparalleled Real Time Traffic Management (RTTM) features enable mission-critical information to reach the desired destination quickly and efficiently. iDirect RTTM features include:

  • Application QoS
  • Group QoS
  • Segmentation & Reassembly
  • Committed Information Rate
  • Feathering Timeslot Allocation
  • Compressed RTP (cRTP)

iDirect Broadband Satellite Access Network

The iDirect Technologies hub and remote hardware and software equipment provides connectivity for IP based services such as data, voice and internet connectivity. This Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) network can provide data at speeds from 64 kbps to 4.2 Mbps from the remote site and up to 9 Mbps from the hub to the remotes. Each iDirect remote terminal includes a built-in router and is packaged with features such as link encryption, Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) acceleration, Domain Name Server (DNS) caching and Quality of Service (QoS) prioritisation all in one box.

idirect satellite Internet modem and a hub

The iDirect system makes use of a number of inventions (patents applied for) covering their software and hardware components. These patent applications are for proprietary methods, apparatus and systems that impact such aspects as the allocation of bandwidth, quality of service, and network management/optimisation of iDirect's overall Internet Protocol (IP)-based broadband satellite technology. The proprietary technology contained in these patent applications offers iDirect customers real benefits by allowing them to better utilize their bandwidth and provide a quality of service level that is unsurpassed in the industry. The capacity and control provided by the iDirect IP over satellite technology is allowing the customers to provide services like Voice over IP and video conferencing faster, easier, and more profitably all over the world."

Mobile Satellite Internet Solution with iDirect

The iNetVu Mobile Satellite Internet Platform has been adapted work seamlessly with iDirect Technologies NetModem II products. iDirect Technologies designs, develops, and markets the fastest, most reliable bi-directional satellite-based broadband access solutions using Internet protocols. iNetVu Mobile satellite platform when coupled with the iDirect NetModem II is capable of delivering Internet access, video and VoIP into vehicles, while stationary, at speeds of up to 18Mbps on the download and 4.2Mbps upstream anywhere in the world where one has access to satellite connectivity.

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VoIP over iDirect and iNetVu
mobile satellite platform

We are able to offer the iNetVu Mobile self pointing antenna solution to iDirect customers world wide. The combined solution provides customers the ability to automatically locate their satellite of choice from a vehicle or moveable structure anywhere in the world in under 3 minutes by a simple click of the mouse and be instantly connected to the Internet at broadband speeds.

The iNetVu Mobile systems configured with iDirect modems have been already delivered to Government Agencies, Film Production companies, Oil and Gas Exploration and other resource based companies as well as to Fire Fighting Teams and Utility companies world wide.


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