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How to Setup Any GSM Phone With T-Mobile

By Andrew Larson

Using a T-Mobile Phone as a modem with a windows machine. First I would like to say you CANNOT use the Sidekicks or Samsung Behold and Memoir as modems for almost anything else out there this will work.

This walk through will not work with any windows mobile phones. That is a different easier setup I will add later.

-You must have a data plan on your account for internet.
-Must be able to browse internet on device.
-Must have a physical connection method. i.e. (Bluetooth or USB)
-Must have device drivers on pc.
You can get them from tinyurl.com/"yourphonehere" just add the ending for whichever you choose.
Motorola /Motodrivers
Nokia /Nokiapc (Download Nokia pc suite)
Samsung /Samsungpc (download Samsung pc studio)
Blackberry /Blackberrydm (download desktop manager)
^install CD came with phone
After you have installed software and you have USB cord:

-Plug your phone into the computer
-Go to start, then Control panel
-Make sure your in classic view (on the left select classic view, or switch to classic view)
-Select Phone and Modem Options
-If it asks you, insert and area code then hit ok on the bottom otherwise;
-Go to the Modems Tab
-Select your modem. (Motorola USB modem/Nokia USB modem) or Standard modem for BB
-Go to properties, if using vista select "Change Settings" on the general tab
-Go to advanced
-Type +cgdcont=1,"IP","internet2.voicestream.com" or for Blackberries type +cgdcont=1,"IP","wap.voicestream.com"
-Hit ok twice
-Select Network Connections (Network and sharing center for Vista users)
-Select create a new connection (Setup a connect or network for Vista users and skip the next 3 steps)
-Select next
-Select "connect to the internet" then next
-Select "Setup my connection manually" then next
-Select "Connect using a dial up modem" (setup dial up connection for Vista)
-Select your modem and only your modem
-Dial up phone number is *99#
-Connection name is T-Mobile
-Don't need a username or password
-Add a shortcut to the desktop for XP users
- Hit finished or connects

Congratulations! You're online using your mobile phone!

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