Jumat, 05 November 2010

Zip Conferencing Introduces the Ability to See Your Conference Call

Zip Conferencing announced today that it has introduced the ability to log into your audio conference call through your PC and control many aspects of the conference call.
All customers with Zip Conferencing are provided their own online account management portal that gives them access to a number of features including the ability to log into their audio conference calls. With this feature customers are able to see into their conference calls and see the participants on the call and control a number of functions within the call.
Once logged into the conference call the Host of the call has the ability to mute participants, adjust volume, disconnect participants, manage sub-conferences, lock the conference and end the conference call.
"The ability to manage your conference call through your PC provides a new level of security and convenience to our conference calls." said Jim Miller, President of Zip Conferencing. "This new feature will enhance the conference call experience for our customers by providing our standard Host Controls through an easy to use visual interface."
Conference Call Features
The conference call services offered by Zip Conferencing are affordable to businesses of all sizes and come with a number of standard features including the ability to manage the conference call through your PC. These features can also be accessed from the Moderator's telephone without having to log into the call through a PC.
Zip Conferencing provides high quality, reliable audio and web conference call services combining easy to use, convenient features with affordable rates.

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