Jumat, 05 November 2010

How to Stream Netflix Movies and TV Shows to Sony PlayStation 3 Without Disc

How to Stream Netflix Movies and TV Shows to Sony PlayStation 3 Without Disc. PlayStation 3 is not just a game console. Many other functions were built-in inside this game console made by Sony. One of the functions is to watch movies and TV shows online. To do so, we could use an app named Netflix, made by Netflix Inc. Few days ago, Netflix Inc. has announced that their subscribers who use their Sony PlayStation 3 to stream movies and TV shows, now they are able to do so without inserting disc, where actually we should use the Netflix disc to be able to do so. And now, PlayStation 3 users also will get Dolby 5.1-channel surround sound as well.
Now PS 3 owners are able to download a brand new Netflix app to use the feature Watch Instantlyâ without inserting a special disc from Netflix. The app will also make it possible to hear the streaming video in surround-sound using Dolby Digital Plus from Dolby Laboratories Inc. of San Francisco. This is a the first time for Netflix, which gives a vision about online streaming as the future of digital home entertainment.

Netflix itself, which rents video delivered by mail or online, brought streaming to the PS3 about a year ago, but the users will have to always use a special disc they received in the mail. Nintendo Wii console owners also got the same requirement to do so, but not with Xbox 360, or the other of Netflix-enabled devices like iPad TiVo, Apple TV, or PC.
Recently many users complained about the quality they received from streaming without disc. While the resolution of the streamed video will remain at 720p, compared with the 1080p available on a Blu-ray disc, improving the audio is still an important piece of that home entertainment evolution. Dolby Senior Marketing Director, John Griffin, said that Dolby Labs found a way to provide up to 7.1 channels of surround-sound audio without taking up too much bandwidth or causing glitches or delays. As Griffin stated “any user that has a reasonable broadband connection shouldn’t notice any issues. Dolby has been focused for a year now on elevating the consumer experience.”

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