Jumat, 05 November 2010

Is Google the Right Partner for Netflix?

I know you're getting sick of all of the "Company X might buy Netflix" rumors, but in a recent Forbes story (Goole Buying Netflix Just Makes Sense), Darcy Travlos wonders if Netflix is a killer app and a good fit for Google:
 A well-capitalized company with global presence and distribution could provide greater resources to build out its business (Netflix's net cash position is $20 million) and could facilitate Netflix’s accelerated penetration of these new markets and enhance value faster.
In the battle for customer loyalty across an ecosystem (phones, tablet, laptops, desktops, televisions) of devices and geographies, Netflix is an attractive acquisition target. Surveying the battlefield, Netflix would fit best with Google’s strategy. Netflix is forecast to have higher growth and therefore has a higher price-earnings ratio than Google and, therefore, should be well received by investors.
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings eventually wants the majority of revenue to come from other countries, and a partner with deep pockets like Google could help them expand internationally at a much faster pace.

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