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Using the Sony Ericsson W960 In 3G Modem

Mobile Internet era now. Internet type this one does not know the place and time. Anytime and anywhere motto. Various ways can be used to connect to the virtual world, including looking for places Hotspot facility. Hotspots are found both on campus, in malls, even in the fast-food restaurant, you find any hotspots. But not all free hotspots. There are also paid, for example using a specific voucher will you get if you buy the goods at the facility where these hotspots. The next way to use the Mobile Internet is to rely on 3G USB Modem. Devices that lately so it can dibanderol boom with prices ranging 500rb ~ 2jutaan, and even then not including subscription fees providers. So instead of buying a 3G modem much for expensive, why guns maximize existing device?

These tips are how to use the handset w960 / i as a 3G modem.

This required, among others:

1. Henpon beloved, w960i
2. Data cable
3. Computers / Laptop
4. Pulse

Making Connections

The first step you should do is to connect the data cable to connect it to w960 before the computer / laptop. Then in henpon select Normal Mode. Start the Sony Ericsson PC Suite followed by select Mobile Networking Wizard.

W960 connected

Mobile Networking Wizard

Because there is no connection type, then we must create a new connection (I pake Indosat-GPRS). To create a new connection, select New Connection -> select Packet Switched Data (GPRS/3G)

Wisaya 1

Port will then be determined how that will be used for the modem. Select the Sony Ericsson W960 USB Modem.

Wisaya 2

Then fill in the Connection name column with the name of your connection, let IM-three.

Wisaya 3

After that the system will display the wizard to determine which ISP you use to connect to the Internet. Because I use Indosat M3, so I select ID IM3 and I select the Automatic Mode. Then Finish and ISP settings are stored in henpon.

ps: if an error message displays "Your connection requires a data account in the mobile phone" then you should turn off the GPRS connection is still active on the henpon or use manual mode feature on the selection and arrangement of connections will be drawn from the GPRS settings on henpon tsb.

Starting the Internet Connection

After completing the network settings then we can make an internet connection. The trick is as follows; Run PC Suite and then Select Mobile Networking Wizard. Then select the type of connection will be used to to the internet (which had been created), select connect.


If already connected, then you are able to start internet ria. Hopefully these tips useful for the mooi-ers.

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