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Alcatel Speed Touch USB ADSL Annex A, B

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Modem Specifications
Manufacturer: Alcatel Microelectronics
Features: ADSL
Max Communication Protocol: G.992.1 A (G.dmt)
G.992.1 B (G.dmt)
G.992.2 (G.lite)
PPPoA (RFC2364)
PPPoE (RFC2516)
T1.413 Issue 2
Communication Buses: USB
OS Platforms: Apple Mac OS 8.6
Apple Mac OS 9
Apple Mac OS X
Linux k 2.4
Linux k 2.6
Windows 2000
Windows 95/98
Windows Me
Windows XP
Chipset: Manufacturer: Alcatel Microelectronics
Family Type: xDSL Controllerless
Family: DynaMiTe 5 USB ADSL Controllerless
Name: MTK-20152 ADSL DynaMiTe USB Annex-A
Hardware IDs: BABT:
FCC: 6VUBEL-35680-DL-N

See Also

The following modems are connected with this modem in some way - often the same modem under a different name, or the other members of a Family of modems. Check out Info above for (maybe) further details.

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