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Controllerless V.90/K56flex PCI Twin-chip Chipsets

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Manufacturer: †Rockwell Semiconductor Systems, Inc.
Chipset Manufacturer page" target="_top">Rockwell Semiconductor Systems, Inc.
Chipset Family Type: HCF 56k Controllerless
Chipset Family: RH56D-PCI 56k Controllerless
Chipsets: RH56D-PCI 56k HCF DF
General Information
Originated by Rockwell on 3 Jun 1998, this became one of the company’s most successful chipsets. It contains a DSP but all controller functions are handled by software on the host computer. Originally only Windows drivers were provided, but more recently Conexant has extended driver support to the Linux platform. If an old Windows driver is updated the modem name may change, and will need to be altered on the General page of Dial-Up Networking Properties.

The RCV56HCF-PCI & RH56D-PCI appear to have been a co-development, distinguished only by the type of packaging for the DSP chip (PQFP for this, TQFP for the RCV56HCF-PCI). A common 11229 PCI-interface chip was used for both. The single-chip HCF MonoPak were a development of these twin-chip chipsets, although a single-chip BGA package was originally offered & clearly bombed. This is how the DSP family looks from new to old:
  • HCF MonoPak - R6795
  • RH56D-PCI - R6789 (twin) - this chipset
  • RCV56HCF-PCI - R6785 (twin)
  • RCV56HCF-PCI - R7156 (BGA)
A low-power version of this chipset--the RH56LD-PCI--offers a cellular interface, whilst the single-chip mobile version--the RMH56LD--can be used for mini-PCI & also CardBus designs.

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