Minggu, 16 Mei 2010

1Gbps Internet Speed, Only U.S. $ 149 Only

ShawCom internet provider company will conduct testing Internet connection Ultra-Fast Broadband Connection class in Canada.

Achieve 1Gbps, 10 times faster than the highest speed offering ever. 100x faster than the speed commonly used in Canadian society.

ShawCom currently has a download speed of 100Mbps internet connection with a limit of 5Mbps for uploads as well as in Cap / limited to 400GB of data transfer. It costs $ 149 per month.

While Japan with 160Mbps only $ 60 per month. Europe offers a speed of 120Mbps, only $ 100 per month.

Company ShawCom will offer Internet speeds with the price tariff as neighboring countries the United States. Despite much criticism that the United States and Canada began to drop behind in the field of broadband technology.

European and Asian countries prefer the policy of open, because any Internet providers are able to share infrastructure. United States ranked only 13th of 30 countries that have super fast broadband. Canada is still at number 22.

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